About us

I am Guillermo Herlt, I have been owning Lotus Elans since 1990, starting with a beautiful pacific blue M100 (#6724). A capable car showing me the delights of Lotus suspension, a car underrated because of its modern architecture and japanese components. After a small incursion into Porsche 993 and MG Midget ownership, I felt in love with classic cars and wanted something "rustproof" (you will deduct on yourself which car led to this). After reading quite favourable opinions on the Elan (I remember especially Gordon Murray), I bought an Elan S3 DHC from '67, which I still own and love. Current collection consists of S1 (#3606), S3 DHC (#6012) and S4 FHC (#9267).

Of course, with M100 ownership I started buying books about Lotus from the first year on, and have quite a collection. With Brian Buckland (www.theelanman.com) I published the 2nd edition of his "Elan Bible", that was quite a new territory to me. And soon after came up this opportunity of buying all the stock of late Richards Spelberg's Lotus Books inventory.
As I already had published Brian's book through my company Grafos Verlag GmbH , this project also came into the company umbrella. Although the company is basically dedicated to the art world, the books do take advantage of the existing infrastructure, with a ware houses in Germany and Spain, lots of packing materials and low price shipping contracts.

Enjoy !